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Right Surveyors Staffordshire (RSS Ltd) is an independent practice of chartered surveyors and registered valuers, proudly operating in Stone with the support of the national Right Surveyors network. The practice therefore combines attentive, local surveying services with the efficiency and competence of a national Head Office - which means that we deliver cost-effective reports within fast turnaround times.

Our success over the years has been founded on a number of core values, to which we have always strived to adhere.

We are pleased that these fundamental aims have been successful, we are proud of the experience previous clients have had and we look forward to working with you along the same lines.

David Roberts, Stone's trusted Chartered Surveyor
Your building surveyor
David Roberts MRICS RegVal

"I offer a wide skill-set, built up over 16 years in the Staffordshire property market. As well as providing surveys of various types - from a comprehensive full building survey to a single fault assessment - I can provide property valuations as I am part of the RICS Registered Valuer scheme."

"I work with clients in Stone to open their eyes to the hidden defects in their purchase and to its true value. Many save thousands on unexpected repair bills when they issue a qualified chartered surveyor to carry out a detailed survey."

High quality, cost-effective building surveys and valuations from your Stone chartered surveyor

With a wide range of building survey formats to suit every property, every budget and every client's specific needs; we're able to satisfy our clients in a bespoke way, without shoe-horning them into a service they don't need. Your very own surveying consultant will help guide you through your property purchase, getting to know you and the property on an individual level.

Large property in Stone
Large property in Stone